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Topic1: carson Schumann[edit]

==thyristor group report==16:48, 14 February 2018 (UTC)

draw a circuit and get it into




to get the image onto Mirahez i had to take the picture with my phone and email it to my laptop. then i had to go to wikicommons and upload the image there. then that website gave me the file so i could add it to Miraheze

Topic 2[edit]


find the edit mode button at the top. Might need to select "advanced", this insert picture gallery.

Edit > insert > picture gallery > find image > copy image address > paste only keep image title > repeat steps for more images
Larix_decidua_Aletschwald.jpg|deciduous tree
Bode_felis.jpg|feline constellation  
Virmalised 18.03.15 (4).jpg |northern lights

go to Wikipedia commons use picture of the day or some other random picture off of Wikipedia commons. to get a picture on to your miraheze click on (use this file on a wiki) then copy the thumbnail wikitext [[file:example.svg|thumb|comment]] on to the edits on the wiki and you will get a single picture.

Topic 3[edit]

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My First Lab wright023![edit]

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